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 Role Play in EWE - European Wrestling Entertainment

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PostSubject: Role Play in EWE - European Wrestling Entertainment   Role Play in EWE - European Wrestling Entertainment Icon_minitimeWed Jan 19, 2011 2:21 pm

OOC: Okay, dunno if I should post this as Super Freak Daniel or just
making a Ring segment, but it's up to your decision... For this time Wink

Ring Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following Segment is a remake of Monday night's beginning of the show!"

The lights turn off as sparks shower down the titantron

speed freak Daniel and K Leo
walk out to thunderous cheers as they wear The Scar's and The Spike's
cheap black and pink costumes with the EWE Tag Team Replica Belts and
EWE Intercontinental WGX Replica Belt on their shoulders and around
their waists.

As they walk down to the ring, laughs can be heard throughout the arena.

Stopping breifly, K Leo starts barking like a dog and biting Referee's leg.

lights turn back on as speed freak Daniel slaps K Leo and K Leo gets
back on on his feet, as they both stand in the middle of
the ring. Daniel grabs a mic and waits for a break in the crowds constant laughing.
speed freak Daniel (as The Scar):
"Now, that my lapdog here, The Spike stopped biting Referee's leg and
now, that you mindless sheep have quietend down with your constent
laughing of my perfection, you can start admiring me.

Standing right next to me for you all to see
is the man that you all said couldn't do it, the man you all said would
never be my boyfriend and yet he is closing in on becoming the greatest boyfriend I've ever seen.

Now on to the real business at hand.
Last friday, I offered Reign's friendship, for a "menage a troi", such a menage that even to the gods themselves never tried.
So what does Reign do?
Spits on my... Uhh... Offer and then adds insult to injury by claiming we're not even on "the other side of the team".
So when he left me for a real girlfriend, he realized that
"REIGN SCREWED REIGN"! That meaning he... Actually spent that night alone...
The crowd laughs heavily as speed freak Daniel points to the titantron of a man with a baby face pasted over it.

speed freak Daniel: "As you can see... Oh my God, that's not the right picture!"
The titantron switches to a picture of Reign, standing on the bath tron, surprised to see a camera

speed freak Daniel: "That's
right here is your Tag Team Champion, in all his greatness... This is
why Reign will never come to anything in EWE... He used the girls'
toilet... Now as we've seen when you allign yourself with me, EWE's best
product, you become a living Legend, as my boy Spike can tell you. Stop
chewing my shoes, Spike and smile at the camera!
So Reign this your one and only chance to change your mind and join me and Spike.
So I demand you come out, get on your knees and ask me to marry you!"
*it sounds like thunders
just stroke and the lights go out in the arena, then a spotlight goes on
and finds Killersword (dressed as Reign) standing high above on the rafters.

As he just startes down on speed freak Daniel and Spike, trying not to laugh the crowd goes out by all the laughing.

Then thunders hits a
second time as the arena blackens again, you can hear something is
happening, but the fans can't see anything.

Heavy rain starts
falling from the entrance ramp while the lights slowly go on again, Killersword suddenly comes trough the rain on to the ramp.

And the crowd is waiting
in enthusiasm as Daniel now stands alone in the ring with K Leo running after the Referee, barking at him.

Killersword (whispers): What was is exactly that Spike could tell me? I am sorry, but I can't hear him....

*The fans start cheering: We want more, we want more.

Killersword (whispers):
I'm sorry Scar, but since we have something important to talk about, I
thought it would be better if we spoke one on one at a cup of tea.

first of all, about your request, the only time you will see me on my
knees for you will be when I cover you before telling you the bed night

However, that will not happen, at least for now since I didn't come out here to tell you a story.

did come out though to try and get to know you better, to get some see, you screw me over every single week and I can
understand that looking at our past here in EWE.

But Scar, you were the one who chose me as your tag team partner, it was you who put the belt around my waist.

So I have one very simple question, what do you want from me?

*the crowd quiets down as they wait for Daniel's response.

speed freak Daniel: "Poor
Poor Reign, always thinking about himself. Can't you see if you look
like a puppet, move like a puppet, talk like a puppet, you're cold as a
puppet and ruled by the great machine, The Scar!

not been screwing you week after week as you imply. I've screwed Spike
only during the recent weeks, you can ask him... I've just been
posisting you into a game and at Crisis Point you ruined my game. The
belts we hold are my insurance incase you go rouge because even though I
see the hatred in your eyes, I know you crave for me, you need me and
these Tag Belts aren't more important than me.

Reign, now I have you were I want you, what will you do? Strike me down
and lose me forever or bow at your masters feet and ask me to stay?!"

Daniel speads his arms out and closes his eyes waiting for a hug

As Daniel waits with his eyes closed, Killersword pulls out a big stick from under his coat and rushes to the ring.

The crowd goes crazy as they see Killersword is about to strike, but then he stops at the last minute, and lowers the stick.

Because of the reaction of the crowd, Daniel opens his eyes and there is a brief staredown between the two wrestlers.

Then Killersword takes of his tag team championship belt off his waist and stares at it.

He then drops the stick and drapes the belt over his shoulder as he looks at Daniel and gives him a kiss on his cheek.

The crowd laughs as Killersword leaves the ring backstage again.

speed freak Daniel: "You can all laugh but Reign really has feelings for me, he knows where his loyalty lies. He knows that
in our relationship you are nothing without gold, even it means bowing down to your master.
Now thats not the last surprise I have for you all.
For you see, first I brought Spike under my wing, then I pulled the
strings to bring Regin into my little family. Now, 2 are not enough for
me and the family isn't complete without your brother

4 Lyfe!"
Daniel points to the titantron.

All of the sudden Fireworks explode and Lighting Strikes as Maxx Thunders Entrance music plays as Patriot Adam Rogers
He walks past Killersword and shakes his hand and Killersword starts
going to the backstage area. He enters the Ring and hugs Daniel. Patriot
Adam Rogers is about to talk as the Crowd interrupts him with constant

Patriot Adam Rogers:
"Whats the matter? Dont like what you see? Are you jealous? Well, that
is just too bad because you will NEVER hug Scar, you hear me people?
Never, only me Reign and Spike and Scar's mom can hug him and once
again, the greatest couple of all time is forming AGAIN!
And just
like the other times we will win more championships, we will take over
EWE and no one will stop us! If you think that this is a surprise there
is more to come!"

Patriot Adam Rogers passes the mic to Daniel

speed freak Daniel: "All you sheep out there were blind to my beauty. Me and Max were never at each others throats, there was no hatred.
Max was just asscending to the next step.
Now you see the greatest couple rising from the ashes.
The Scar - The Legendary Lover.
Max Thunder - The Legendary Wonder Boy
The Spike - The Boyfriend on Standby
Reign - The Boyfriend in PendingNow I
didn't bring my friends back together to just gloat. No, I brought them
back as an insurance policy. That insurance is Spikes WGX Championship.

And tonight, The Spike will make an impact so big, you will all talk about it for weeks."

The New Bloods music hit as the three men raise their hands in victory

Role Play in EWE - European Wrestling Entertainment Blue20Flame

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Role Play in EWE - European Wrestling Entertainment
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